When you turn-up to an event, the first thing you notice is the shape, colors, dimensions… It’s that first impression that is created and that is mainly based on the decorative elements. Therefore, the decoration of an event is as important, and this should represent a clear picture of what you want to transmit directly.

The decoration goes far beyond a simple centerpiece. It all depends on the theme of the event, but in general the decorative elements must be in accordance with the objective to be achieved.

The decor includes furniture, stage, organization and arrangement of the various elements, placement of the attendees… In a corporate or business event acquires a central role and allows a high level of creativity and innovation in shapes, designs or materials. In new product introductions, the trend is based on generating emotions. The public can experience this and thus to reinforce the interaction of attendees. On the other hand, the technology can also support this decoration.

In short, the decoration has become in recent years an essential part of any event and in a conceptual and communication proposal. It is important to be open to new proposals and bet on creativity. The audience will eventually thank you. Truly, Décor is the core of any event!

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