Cost Cutting Tips

Top 5 Cost Cutting Tips For Event Agencies

Though nowadays clients sometimes tend to increase their budget but still, event agencies have to do more with less! Here come these tips into the picture.



It’s often much easier to go with your usual supplier and quite often you do manage to get discounts through loyalty and bulk ordering. But perhaps once in a while it is worth reviewing your purchasing – may be try a new decor supplier, investigate costs through new companies, use that introductory discount you have seen at the print supplier. By doing so, you get your event planning right and save a lot on it.



Good sales people will always be willing to cut deals with you, if they want to sell. So, you well play your part and use your power as a consumer to the fullest. Remember, being a consumer, you have the complete right to negotiate on anything and with anyone!



Let’s face it; social media is here to stay. And the beauty of these channels is most of them are FREE to use. Creating interesting stories by using photos and videos to advertise the event you are planning is the most cost effective way of marketing, so do more of it.



I’m not suggesting you to replace all your experienced staff with interns and volunteers. However I am saying there is a wide spectrum of hugely talented young people out there, who need and want to gain experience by working on your events. The upside is they won’t be invoicing you over the odds at the end of the weekend. Just please make sure you pay their travel and lunch. : )



Do you really need that extra plasma screen? Do you really need 15 round tables or 12 would be fine? Do you need a Tata Winger to escort the band, or will an Innova do? Question all your decisions. Whatever you can change about your event to make it more cost-effective without losing quality, do it. Don’t tie yourself to expensive items just because you have always had them, there is a brave new world out there – challenge yourself to be a part of it.


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